Much needed innovation in mental health

JAAQ stands for Just Ask A Question, and is a new platform focusing on mental health awareness and understanding in the UK.

JAAQ is populated with world leading experts on particular conditions, sitting alongside notable people who live with or have experienced the condition themselves. Visitors have access to world leading authorities on the conditions, and are able to find out information directly from reputable and positive sources.

And coming out of the Covid pandemic, the need for good, accessible mental health support is needed more than ever, and we are proud to be a core part of its success.

JAAQ stands for Just Ask A Question.

Working Partnership

JAAQ launched as a direct result of seeing the potential of our technology. We have worked with world leading experts in mental health, from Kings College London and the Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust. We have also worked with people who live with mental health conditions including writer and political strategist Alastair Campbell and acclaimed actor David Harewood, who have shared their very personal experiences.

The JAAQ website features a number of experts as well as those who have lived with the conditions.


JAAQ is a platform where all the content is free to access and available to all. People are able to access the content anonymously, so there is no collection of personal information. Core information including whereabouts in the country people are, age, sex and ethnic origin are requested in order to help build up a picture of the mental health of the nation that could help influence not only the development of JAAQ, but also feed into mental health insight and policymaking within the UK.

We are excited by the potential of JAAQ and how it can help a large number of people who are currently in need. We look forward to growing JAAQ and providing help and support in a wide range of mental health conditions.

Danny Grey, the founder of JAAQ.

"The idea behind JAAQ came about directly because of In The Room's technology. Using conversations to create meaningful and authentic experiences for people to find out more about mental health will change the world. The team at In The Room are real innovators, and we look forward to building great things together."

— Danny Gray, Founder of JAAQ

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