War Paint for Men

Disruptive brand, War Paint for Men

War Paint is a men’s makeup brand. This disruptor brand was looking for new and innovative ways to engage customers, especially in the context of the story of their founder, Danny Gray, whose personal journey with body dysmorphic disorder led to the creation of this remarkable make-up brand.

In The Room created a number of conversational touchpoints enabling customers to ask Danny questions about the company, the products and his journey as an entrepreneur.

On the War Paint for Men website, customers are able to ask Danny questions about each product as part of the purchase experience, getting an insight into how to use each piece, and addressing key frequently asked questions to help remove barriers for purchase. The conversations are positioned directly next to the product purchase point, allowing the seamless segue from seeking answers to purchasing the product.

In addition to being a web-based encounter, we created an in-store retail experience where customers can ask Danny directly about his products in the store. Danny responds to commonly asked questions about the product range, as well as showing product demonstrations and make-up tips. When people leave the store they are also given a business card with a QR code that leads directly to the conversational product experiences. This allows customers to ask Danny questions about the new make-up product when they get home - providing additional help and support and consolidating the relationship between the brand and consumer.

Each experience offers an opportunity for potential customers to find out more about the products and how to use them, directly from the founder. This is part of the transformation of retail experiences through conversational commerce.

Product experiences available on the War Paint website.


The embedded experiences within the War Paint For Men brand universe is a powerful innovation within the retail sector where personality and video based content are becoming the primary mode of connecting with customers. The experiences recreate the remarkable opportunity of a unique face-to-face encounter with the brand’s founder, combining voice recognition, AI, and exclusive video content. Questions posed by customers are matched to the best possible response, from an archive of pre-recorded footage. This creates a seamless encounter, allowing a personalised experience for each visitor to the website or store.

An in store kiosk enables customers to ask Danny questions about products.


The integrated experiences have received notable interest within industry press, and the in-store experience is the first welcome point as people enter the store, and sits within a whole brand experience featuring bespoke makeup mixing, grooming by the Lions Barber Collective, and a wealth of video based content presented alongside the product range.


"When I first saw In The Room's technology I was blown away. War Paint For Men is all about innovation and market disruption, and In The Room brought that in spades, augmenting our web retail experience as well as embedding direct brand connection within our flagship store."

— Danny Gray, Founder of War Paint For Men

Visit the War Paint for Men website.

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