What Is Conversational Media?

Conversational media provides audiences with rich, engaging experiences in an interactive conversational format. In The Room’s Studio tool creates voice driven interactive digital experiences where you can have a one-to-one encounter with a featured person - asking them questions and receiving an immediate response. Any time, 24/7.

Audiences may want to ask questions of someone because:

  • They are a fan and want the opportunity to connect with them.

  • The person may have expertise or knowledge that they wish to learn from.

  • They want to find out about the person's lived experiences.

In The Room’s technology uses voice recognition, AI and exclusive pre-recorded video content, empowering businesses to interact with each member of their audience, at scale.

It means you’re no longer limited to single conversations, or long form video to get your point across, or even words on a page. We give you the power to make you, or your business’s most valuable human voices, available to talk to your audiences or customers, 24/7.

If you, your organisation or your client has something to say, at scale, with an authentic human voice, then conversational media is the way to do it. It engages people in a deeply human way and meets them where and whenever they want. Each user gets their own personal experience, based on their interest, with a direct connection to the person answering questions or the brand.

As one of our customers described, “I was looking for a way to share my expertise at scale, and this is it! It’s like cloning, but in a good way!"

Research Backed

Our technology has been tested and backed by our academic research partnerships, including Manchester Metropolitan University and Munich University in Germany, as well as Government funded initiatives. Research findings have provided us with invaluable insight into the human experience of the technology, the evidenced benefits, applications and use cases.

Findings from our work with our research partners have exceeded even our expectations e.g. in terms of engagement and user experience analysis, and we are now able to bring these benefits to our customers to support their businesses.


In The Room grew from a groundbreaking digital project at the National Holocaust Centre and Museum that brought the voices of holocaust survivors to future generations. The programme used voice recognition, AI and 3D video to enable audiences to ask questions to digitally projected survivors, and receive responses in real-time.

We immediately saw the power and potential of this new ability to “make impossible meetings possible” in an almost unlimited amount of scenarios and sectors, including education, health, sports, cultural institutions and entertainment.

Where we are now

We are the Conversational Media company. With the advent of conversational AI, and voice interaction becoming ever more mainstream, businesses will need to converse with their audiences to succeed. We give businesses the engagement superpowers they need. Our platform allows businesses to interact with each member of their audience, at scale, 24/7. Enabling global audiences to have real-time 1:1 conversational experiences with the people in demand, whilst freeing talent from the restrictions of being available “live”.

Future plans

Conversational media is fast becoming mainstream, and companies will need to develop their conversational media strategy if they want to stay relevant to their audiences. People want to connect on their terms, and have a real connection with their interests and passions. In The Room is continuing to develop new features to support business and enable conversations that matter, at scale.  If you would like to be the first to find out about new features at an early stage, please get in contact.

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