The Conversational Media Landscape

There are a wealth of tools for businesses to connect with their audiences in the conversational landscape, but none provide the authentic, human connection that In The Room offers.


Chatbots are great for sales funnels, standardised requests like inventory or bookings and customer service enquires, but don’t offer authentic engagement or the ability for customers to connect with the brand. Consumers know they are synthetic and treat them as such. They tend to struggle with requests that veer from their standard structure/purpose.

Synthetic avatars

Synthetic avatars enable fast and cost effective development of content, but in most instances are simply chatbots with a visual avatar which consumers do not see as human interaction and can be perceived negatively (Microsoft Clippy anyone?). Synthetic avatars are popular as virtual assistants but have yet to effectively overcome the uncanny valley. Synthetic voice development is also on the rise, and getting increasingly convincing, however there are ethical questions about whether they should be used to ‘fool’ people into thinking they’re talking to a real person.


Deepfakes strive to connect audiences in specific ways using celebrity likenesses to create viral content. Aside from the obvious ethical concerns , convincing deepfake experiences are expensive to create, limited application and lifespan once novelty value is spent.

In The room offers an effective alternative with an authentic human connection using pre-recorded media, connecting real people with real people. Our technology empowers the superstars of any sector to be In The Room with each member of their global audience.

There are three core scenarios where In The Room’s technology leads the way. In each one, the person featured is unique and cannot be replicated or scaled:

Expert knowledge

Whether in the context of education or expert knowledge in a specific field, the person featured is key to the authenticity and validation of the information. People will engage and learn, both because of the question/answer mechanic, as well as the status of the person featured. JAAQ is a prime example of how this can apply, where people can ask world leading experts about specific mental health conditions.

Person of note

A celebrity that fans would love to meet. Maybe a cultural icon, national treasure or sportsperson. These people are usually hard to meet, so this technology enables fans to ask questions directly, and get authentic answers, 24/7. It also provides a ‘safe’ space for fans to feel comfortable without the stress of being in the same room in actuality. Try our Nile Rodgers experience for an example of this kind of experience.

Lived experience

Someone with lived experiences to impart. Experiences like trauma, a life well lived, or a life changing experience that people want to find out about and relate with. Our work with the National Holocaust Centre & Museum is an example of this.

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