Creating an amazing conversational experience

Taking the lead with conversational media has never been easier. Whether as a standalone experience or a part of an overall campaign or media strategy, we make the creation and distribution of experiences simple.

Each step of development for an experience is distinct and simple, but each requires a little thought and preparation.

Focus Your Conversation

The first thing to think about when preparing your conversation is what you want to achieve. What do you want to communicate to your customers, what do you want them to learn, and how do you want them to feel?

It could be very simple, featuring information about a product or service, but it can also include learning and educational elements, brand storytelling, knowledge sharing, providing help and more.

Other considerations include how will you integrate experiences into your business needs. Is it important to increase direct sales from the experience, increase brand connection or educational outcomes? The objective will define the content and the context of the experience.

Start with one core purpose and build out from there.

Question Development

Conversational design principles to consider before creating the experience.

  • What do you want to say? What does your audience want to hear? What do you want them to know? Develop your questions and answers accordingly.

  • Who do you want to say it? Decide who will feature in the experiences and be the main contact for your audience. Whether a business owner, expert, celebrity or educator, define who will represent your brand.

  • How many questions? Decide on the subject and the number of questions should become apparent.

    • Large: If you’re featuring a large subject, like the life of a notable figure (like Nile Rodgers!), you might have up to 400 questions.

    • Medium: If you’re covering a specific topic area, like a CEO talking about business objectives for the next 12 months, it could be more like 100-150 questions.

    • Small: An FAQ’s about a specific product or service could be up to 50 questions.

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Creating Your Media

It’s never been easier to create audio visual content. Whether you plan for a high production studio shoot, filming with your mobile device, or somewhere in between, one of the following options will suit your needs.

You’ve got this

You or your in-house teams or production partners develop the content, and our platform will do the rest. We will provide you with easy to use guidelines to ensure the content is right for your audiences. And all footage shot can also be used in your social channels, making the shoot highly cost effective.

Use our apps to do it

Through In The Room’s innovation lab, we have digital solutions to enable you to plan, create and upload your own content using our bespoke app. Additionally, if you have specialist requirements for implementation, whether that be via Alexa to AppleTV or metaverse, let us know and we can help you get there.

We’ve got this

If you don’t have the capacity or the skills in house, our expert production partners can create the media for your experiences to match your ambitions. Just get in touch and we can connect you with a trusted and skilled professional who can film content for you.

For more information, contact us and start a conversation.

Publish Anywhere

When the questions have been decided, and the media has been filmed, the experience is then compiled using In The Room’s Studio platform. Once created, you will receive a bespoke code ‘snippet’, which you can then use to embed into the website or websites of your choice. It is really straight forward to add this to your website, and we are happy to talk directly to your web developers if required.

Because the experiences sit within a browser, they can be accessed across multiple devices - mobile, tablet and desktop.

If you have specific platform requirements, or just want to understand what’s possible, get in touch and start a conversation.

Monitoring and Data

Conversational media experiences provide significant insight into your audiences. Through a conversational experience, you can find out…

What questions are being asked the most by your audiences. Top questions asked will give you visibility on their interests and wants.

Number of questions

Feedback on how many questions have been asked overall by your target audience.

Unanswered questions

There could be questions asked by your customers that your business wasn’t aware of. Questions that don’t have answers are as important as those that do, and can help give valuable insight into your customers’ needs.

Average time in the experience

How long people engage with an experience can show its effectiveness. Increase page dwell times significantly and encourage deeper and more meaningful connection with your audience.


We can evidence the split between device types, enabling you to see where your audiences are accessing the experience, whether that be on mobile or desktop machines.

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