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The Conversational Economy Starts Here

Conversational media is transforming the way companies engage with their audiences. As voice interaction becomes ever more mainstream, businesses must now leverage the power of conversation to succeed. They can't afford not to.

In The Room's technology recreates the experience of a face to face encounter. Empowering businesses to make their unique human talent — experts, tutors, leaders, influencers — available to each member of their global audience. Able to answer people's questions. Anytime. Any place. 24/7.

"The era of talent marketing is upon us and those who don't jump aboard today run the risk of not being part of tomorrow's culture."

↑ William Soulier, The Drum Industry Insights

Conversational Media in Numbers

In The Room's platform connects valuable voices to audiences at scale, through conversation. Allowing businesses to reap powerful benefits.

$290bn Spend on conversational commerce by 2025

Conversational commerce is set to deliver a projected $290bn of revenue by 2025. Businesses will need to be a part of the conversation if they want to survive and thrive.

+30% Increase in engagement with conversational media

Connecting on a human level with your customers will boost engagement with your business. Conversational media significantly boosts customer engagement from dwell times to making a purchase.

90% Shoot efficiencies for content creation

Normal approaches to filming content leave most of the footage on the cutting room floor. Our approach will see you use around 90% of the footage, with lots of opportunity to reuse content via social media.

How to Build an Experience

In The Room's licensable conversational media platform makes it easy to develop experiences tailored to your business needs.

There are four simple steps to creating a meaningful and engaging experiences that will connect with your audience.

1. Choose the focus of your conversation

Use knowledge of your audience to consider the conversational topic and who should be featured. Who would your audience like to speak to and what business goals do you want to achieve? With access to our bank of expertise you can deliver outcomes specific to your company’s needs.

Focus your conversation

2. Create a question list

Conversations are generally structured with questions and answers. The number of questions to include is flexible and depends on the conversation you want to have with your customers or audience members. In our experience, we find a sweet spot is somewhere between 100-200 questions, but some are more or less.

How to build the perfect question list

3. Create your media

Whether filming professionally in a studio, or solo on a mobile phone, our guides make the process simple. And the additional benefit is the content can also be used in your social media channels.

Record your media, your way

4. Publish anywhere

Once the questions are set and the media has been recorded for the answers, experiences can be generated quickly and effectively using Studio, our online platform. Then embedded on the website (or websites!) of your choice via a simple HTML snippet.

Publishing to your audience

5. Understand your audience

After launch, each experience's data can be tracked via a regular reporting package, so you can see what questions your audiences are asking, how many questions are being asked, and which links or purchase funnels are being followed.

Data and analytics

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Conversations powered by In The Room's technology are delivering increased engagement, visibility and sales generation, as well as invaluable information on audience needs. They feature in a number of sectors including education & learning, healthcare, culture & sport.

See where our experiences are enabling business outcomes and starting conversations by looking at our case studies. If your requirements don't naturally fit any of our case study examples, let us know and we can advise on how to maximise the technology for your business.

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